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Have you ever thought to yourself “I wonder what people around here are doing?” Whether you are visiting a new country or city or just sitting at home, you can answer this questions with Air Messages. This application allows users to send geospatial messages to each other. You can comment about the weather, a sports game or what you just ate. You can then scan the area for other messages and respond to someone else’s questions or thoughts. Get involved with those around you. Go explore what people close or far are thinking!

To get more information about this great app, we asked the developer, Marco Gallo, a few questions.

“geospatial messages between users!”

Who are your ideal customers?

My  main customers are users around the world who want to know more places that they will visit soon. Business users can advertise their company using the Air Messages Advertise Program and boost their visibility among customers close to them!

Why should customers buy your app?

Air Messages is an app which customers can use to increase their popularity among 30,000 BlackBerry10 and Android users worldwide. The release of Air Messages in iOS and Windows Store platform is planned for Q1 2016.

If you were looking for an app like this, look no further and get it now.


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